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Dizzy is a New York based publisher and intergenerational print magazine focusing on the arts: painting, writing, film, music, style, and more. Featuring artists from diverse backgrounds, Dizzy strives to bridge gaps between age and exposure. Dizzy’s inclusion of fun sections like 12 and Under (featuring children’s artwork), Pet Page (featuring an artist’s pet), and Dear Destiny (advice column with Princess Nokia) allow the magazine to be accessible to readers of all races, genders, and ages.

“In a publishing world crowded with overreaching art journals, the magazine strikes a refreshingly unpretentious tone that aims to forge connections between communities. Flipping through the pages, I was reminded of everything from BOMB magazine—which Libin cited as an inspiration—to the legendary Midwestern graffiti magazine Life Sucks Die. It is nice to read something that makes you remember what you loved about magazines in the first place.”

 — ARTnews

Dizzy was founded by Arvid Logan and Milah Libin in the summer of 2016.